U. S. Robotics V. 92 Low Pro Pci Modem 20PK

5 Stars
U S Robotics V 92 Low Pro Pci Modem

U.S. Robotics

Model: USR2980-OEM
UPS: 738168040377
Package Quantity: 1

The U. S. Robotics V. 92 Low Pro Pci Modem, a great computer modem made by U.s. Robotics is a nice item for your computer. The computer modem dimensions are 1" Height x 7" Length x 5.5" Width and weighs close to 0.35 lbs. Purchasing a U. S. Robotics V. 92 Low Pro Pci Modem. To learn more about this computer modem, click on the market link on this site.

U. This controller-based modem consists of potent communications processing functions built into the modem itself, rather than sapping your personal computer s processing power. --One box of 20 Quick Connect reduces your connection time to getyou online quicker, and V. PCM Upstream offers 50% higher upload speeds perfect for sending e-mail messages with large attachments. S. Robotics V. 92 Low Pro PCI Modem 20pk The V. 92 Low Profile PCI Modem delivers the reliability and high-performance you expect from USRobotics.


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