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U. S. Robotics 56K Modem Pc Card With X-jack

U. S. Robotics 56K Modem Pc Card5 Star Rating
U S Robotics 56K Modem Pc Card
New U. S. Robotics 56K

Looking for a new computer modem? The U. S. Robotics 56K made by Us Robotics is an awesome product. The U. S. Robotics 56K happens to be an instance of excellent computer modem you will get on the internet. In case you are wishing to purchase a modem, you have come to the ideal place. This site offers you exclusive deals with this fantastic modem with safe purchase. I definitely liked that the item had xjack connects to any standard rj-11 phone jack and eliminates the need to carry cables. Additional features include easy installation and guaranteed compatibility. To ensure that your purchase goes well and everyone comes out satisfied, I'll supply tips prior to buying this computer modem. So that you aren't frustrated after buying it also in accordance with the item you desire. You will also discover price comparisons from vendors we met, so you receive the best price at present with this amazing computer modem. New U. S. Robotics 56K. To get this product now at the lowest price, visit the button.

robotics modem card x-jack robotic's datafax

Price: $39.89
Publisher: US Robotics
Model: 3CP003056
UPC: 662705351223

US Robotic's 56k Computer Card data/fax modem let's you connect to the Internet while you're on the road with your laptop. This modem connects to any Computer Card or PCMCIA slot that complies with all the 2. Now you can surf for vital specifics when you're away from the office, or connect towards the company's server to facilitate your work specifications. 1 standard.

Features List

  • XJACK connects to any standard RJ-11 phone jack and eliminates the need to carry cables
  • Megahertz PC Card allows you to connect to the Internet or send an e-mail or fax
  • Features Exclusive Line Probing technology and Digital Line Guard
  • Easy installation
  • Guaranteed compatibility
  • Qty: 1
  • Package Dim.: Height: 1.3" Length: 7.7" Depth: 3.1"
  • Package: 0.1 lbs.

U S Robotics 56K Modem Pc Card
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