U. S. Robotics 005687-03 56K V. 90 Internal Faxmodem

5 Stars
U S Robotics 00568703 56K V 90 Internal

US Robotics

Model: 005687-03
UPS: 738168014279
Package Quantity: 1

Maximize your computer functionality by adding a U S Robotics 00568703 56K V 90 Internal from Us Robotics. I definitely loved that the product had the feature of supports international standards using v. 90 56k standard and x2 technology. Other highlights include things like lifetime limited warranty and faster internet access. It's 6" Height x 11" Length x 5" Width. u. s. robotics 005687-03 56k v. 90 internal faxmodem . I would like for you to get the best price when purchasing a computer modem!

The Internet offers organizations and families a range of resources nobody could imagine only several years ago. But to view the detailed graphics and lifelike motion built into today's most advanced sites, or to hear near-CD-quality sound, computer users need the fastest downloads possible more than analog phone lines. Now the V. 90 U. S. Robotics 56K Faxmodem gives users quicker downloads for a a lot much more exciting, rewarding on the web experience.

The ITU has decided on an international 56K standard--V. U. S. Robotics is going to be the initial V. 90-compliant modem brand available. It has complete and sample applications for work, home, and entertainment; specific offers; and 3Com support facts. It's jam-packed with all the communications, fax, and Internet access software program you need. 90. So U. S. Robotics modem users can now get all the Internet they want from any service provider offering either V. 90 or x2 technology. The V. 90 U. S. Robotics 56K modem adds much a lot more value to users' Internet experience--the Connections CD-ROM software collection comes with every U. S. Robotics modem. The Connections interface makes exploring and using the Faxmodem's functions quick and easy.


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