Usrobotics USR5637 56K Usb Fax Modem For Windows, Mac, Linux

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USR5637 56K Usb Fax Modem For Windows
Usrobotics USR5637 56K Usb Fax Modem For Windows Mac Linux Image 1

US Robotics

Model: USR5637
UPS: 018654498364
Color: white
Package Quantity: 1

The USR5637 56K Usb Fax Modem For Windows is an instance of top quality modem you can find on the market. For everybody who is thinking of buying a modem, you have come to the ideal place. We provide you exclusive discounted rates just for this good product with secure transaction. The EAN barcode for this product is 0778888658452. The computer modem comes in white. The modem dimensions are 0.88"H x 1.5"L x 3.88"W and weighs only 0.26 lbs. Are you thinking about getting the USR5637 56K Usb Fax Modem For Windows and you are simply looking for the very best price for this? Perhaps wish to know the opinions of other customers before you buy? If that's so you are in the right place. Getting the USR5637 56K Usb Fax Modem For Windows . To take advantage of the great deal I discovered, visit our store button.

U. Also supports USRobotics Modem on Hold Application to screen incoming voice calls while online, and to answer calls without having losing your net connection no second phone line is necessary! Itis also broadly compatible across major operatingsystems such as Linux, Windows and Macintosh. This controller-based modem integrates powerful communications processing functionsinto the modem itself, for assured performance without sapping your pc s processing energy. Quick Connect reduces your connection time to get you online quicker, and V. PCM Upstream delivers 50%greater upload speeds perfect for sending e-mailmessages with significant attachments. S. Robotics 56K V. 92 USB Modem The USRobotics 56K USB Hardware Fax Modem delivers the performance and reliability you expect from USRobotics, inside a compact, flexible form factor.


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