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Proxim Symphony Cordless 56K Modem ( 4500-05 )

Symphony Cordless 56K Modem5 Star Rating
Symphony Cordless 56K Modem
Symphony Cordless One Of The Best Computer Modems Up-grade

The Symphony Cordless 56K Modem made by Proxim Inc. makes a great product for your computer. The feature characteristics include 56k v. 90 and x2 connectivity, wireless internet access! and 2. 4ghz frequency, 150' range. Symphony Cordless 56K Modem . We would like for you to get the best price and service when purchasing a modem for your computer, visit our affilate add to shopping cart button.

proxim symphony cordless modem

Price: $199.99
Publisher: PROXIM INC.
Model: 4500-05
UPC: 743199450057

Features List

  • Wireless Internet access!
  • 56K V. 90 and X2 connectivity
  • 2. 4GHz frequency, 150' range
  • Package Dim.: Height: 4.5" Length: 10.6" Depth: 8.3"
  • Package: 2.55 lbs.

Symphony Cordless 56K Modem
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