Diamond Supra Max SM56PCILE 56K Modem

4 Stars
Supra Max SM56PCILE 56K Modem


Model: SM56PCILE
UPS: 018258012447
Package Quantity: 1

Today, you an buy numerous items from the convenience of your house. The Supra Max SM56PCILE 56K Modem a great modem. The characteristics include max speed - 56 kbps, type - internal and fax max speed - 14. 4 kbps. The modem weighs something like 0.8 lbs. To ensure that your purchase goes well and everyone comes out satisfied, I'll provide tips prior to purchasing this item. Therefore you may not be unsatisfied after purchasing it also in accordance with the item you require. You will also find cost comparisons from sellers which I met, which means you get the best value at the moment for this great product. Best price on the supra max sm56pcile, visit the link below.

Supra Max gives you the advantages of extensive analog access towards the Internet with an added boost of speed over earlier standards. The new Modem-On-Hold feature lets you obtain incoming voice calls without having dropping your current modem connections. These improvements includes accelerated upstream data transfers (up to 40percent faster) , more rapidly Internet dial-up connection times utilizing an intelligent start-up sequence, and advanced compression algorithms that let you send common file sort (including HTML, e-mail, and executable files) more efficiently. And, since the Supra Max V. 92 is backward compatible with V. 90 and earlier standards, you can relax and enjoy more quickly Internet speeds without worry.


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