Creative Labs Modem Blaster V. 92 Pci (internal DI5633)

5 Stars
Modem Blaster V 92 Pci


Model: 7000000003079
UPS: 756296056336
Package Quantity: 1

Looking to buy the latest modem? Check out the Modem Blaster V. 92 by Creative! I in fact loved that the modem has fits into any available pci slot in your pc. It weighs around 0.4 lbs. For the best bargain on this computer modem besides other products, visit our store add to shopping cart button on this page.

Modem Blaster ® V. 92 PCI is an internal modem that incorporates the newest technologies improving your dial-up experience and delivering web content more rapidly than a typical V. 90 modem. New V. 44 compression and PCM Upstream offer quicker web browsing and up to 30% faster upload times. Optimize the time you invest on the Internet with Modem Blaster V. 92 PCI. Modem Blaster V. 92 PCI also features Quick Connect for shorter dial-up time, and has Modem-on-hold which pauses your Internet connection while you take or make phone calls.


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