Hi Ro H50006 V92 56K Internal Pci Data Fax Voice Dial Up Internet Modem

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Hi Ro H50006 V92 56K Internal Pci Data


MPN: H500063WA5601104
UPS: 168141495878

Comparing prices for a computer modem? Look into the Hi Ro H50006 V92 56K Internal Pci Data by Hiro! Among the key features for this modem is the manuafcturer: hiro - part number: h500063wa5601104. Additional features include things like new - retail - 1-year mfg warranty. The barcode for this computer modem is 0168141495878. The modem has got a weight of 3 lbs. There are lots of brand names that make modems, with all of those producers supplying diverse price levels. While you are purchasing a modem, pick an appropriate manufacturer's warranty. It ought to have a typical warranty, be it a month or an whole year. Great deal on Hi Ro H50006 V92 56K Internal Pci Data .

Features:Latest V. 92 Standard Protocol- PCM Upstream - Max. 4 kbps Send / Receive, G3 CompatibleSoftware Compatibility: AT Command Set CompatibleError Correction: MNP24, V. 42Data Compression: MNP5, V. 42bis, and V. 44DTE To Modem Data Rate Max: 115200 bpsData Interface: PCI BUS 2. 1Voice function with Telephone Answering Machine (TAM) Line Interface: RJ11 Modular Jack, Line and PhoneSystem Requirement: Pentium II 266 MHz or higher, 1 CDROM Drive, 1 Obtainable PCI SlotFully Compatible with latest Microsoft Windows OSWindows 8 32/64Bit, 7 32/64Bit, Vista 32/64Bit, XP 32/64Bit, 2000, Server 2008/2003/2000 32/64Bit, ME, 98SERo HS Compliance Data Upload up to 48K- MOH - Receive Phone Call During Active Internet Connection- Quick Connect - Connect to Your ISP FasterFully Compatible With the Latest Windows 8 Operation SystemsRo HS CompalianceModem Protocol: ITUT V. 92/K56Flex, ITUT V. 34bis, V. 34, V. 32bis, V. 32, V. 22bis, V. 22, V. 21, V. 23 Bell 212A/103, V. 80Fax Compatibility: 14.


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