Hayes Accura H08-15328 Data/fax Modem - Serial - 1 X RJ-11 Phone Line, 1 X RS-232 Serial - 56 Kbps

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Hayes Accura H0815328 Datafax Modem
Hayes Accura H0815328 Datafax Modem Serial 1 X RJ11 Phone Line 1 X RS232 Serial 56 Kbps Image 1


Model: H08-15328-DG
UPS: 726947109964
Package Quantity: 1

It's 0.6"H x 9.1"L x 4.72"W. It weighs roughly 2 lbs. Part Number 0726947109964. Are you currently contemplating purchasing a modem and you are simply looking for the best price for this product? Or maybe you would like to know the opinions of other customers before you buy it? If that's so you happen to be in the right spot, add to cart by clicking the link below.

The Hayes Accura V. 92 External Faxmodem plugs into the serial port of any computer, which contains computers operating Windows, Macintosh OS, Linux and Unix. The Model H08-15328 is fully compatible with all features in the latest V. 92/V. 44 international standards and will also communicate at V. 90 and slower speeds.


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